Mwanza Region is one of Tanzania's 30 administrative regions. The regional capital is Mwanza.

The Mwanza Region is occupied by various tribal groups, included the Wasukuma, the Wakerewe, Wakara and Wazinza. Mwanza city's Makongoro Road is named after a prominent Sukuma chief who controlled the area in the late 1800s. Under British rule, the region was one district in the Lake Province, which became the Lake Region after independence. In 1963, the Mwanza Region was created.

Wasukuma tribe is the major tribe occupying the Mwanza Region, the other region that is occupied by Wasukuma is Shinyanga Region.

Ecclesias in the Mwanza Region:

Mwanza , Serengeti and Usagara.


Mwanza map