School of the Prophets

School of the Prophets - Lesson 18

Ecclesial Planning

Planning Ecclesial Bible study is in many ways very similar to planning your own personal studies see schedule of Ecclesial events – lesson 12 and activity 3 of lesson 2. This lesson is not about that which is covered by those lessons. This lesson is about how we plan to expand the Ecclesia in Tanzania.

School of the Prophets - Lesson 14

The Ecclesial Business Meeting

This meeting should be called at least once every six months. Every member of the Ecclesia should attend the business meeting, although only 50% of the members are needed to make a decision. At the business meeting the business of the meeting is made known and important decisions that affect the members are made.

Order of service

The order of this meeting will be along the following lines. Your Ecclesia may vary this ordering


School of the Prophets - Lesson 13

Prophets at Work - Visiting the sick – Lesson 13

As elders in the Ecclesia we are specifically instructed to visit the sick (James 5:14), this is one of the activities that we should arrange as an outcome of our Arranging Brethren meetings (see lesson 12). But what is it that we go there to do? James says that the elders should pray over them and anoint them with oil, but what should the elders pray for and what does it mean to anoint with oil?

Pray over them