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Category: Booklets
Swahili Title English Title English files Swahili Word file
Unabii wa Biblia Bible Prophecy bible_prophecy.doc unabii_wa_biblia.doc
Living the Truth living_the_truth.doc living_the_truth_0.doc
Matayarisho ya Ubatizo Preparing for Baptism prep4bap.doc
Kuanzisha Iklezia ya Kristadelfiani (CBM) Starting up a Christadelphian (CBM) Ecclesia startingup.doc starting.doc
Mpangilio Wa Masomo Ya Biblia Swahili Bible Readings Companion Bible reading chart.pdf Readings Companion (swa).doc
Biblia yaonyesha kuwa ni Uwezo wa Mungu The Bible shows the power of God holy_spirit.doc
AMRI ZA YESU KRISTO The Commandments of Christ commandments.docx commandments_0.doc
The original gospel theoriginalgospelenglishgpl.pdf injili_ya_kwanza.doc
Category: Commentary
Swahili Title English Title English files Swahili Word file
Misingi ya Biblia Bible basics
MISINGI YA BIBLIA Bible Basics 00 - Introduction 00eng.doc 00kiswa.doc
MISINGI YA BIBLIA 01 - Mungu Bible Basics 01 - The Existence of God 01eng.doc 01kiswa.doc
MISINGI YA BIBLIA 02 - ROHO YA MUNGU Bible Basics 02 - THE SPIRIT OF GOD 02eng.doc 02kiswa.doc
MISINGI YA BIBLIA 04 - MUNGU NA MAUTI Bible Basics 03 - GOD AND DEATH 04eng.docx 04kiswa_0.doc
MISINGI YA BIBLIA 03 - AHADI ZA MUNGU Bible Basics 03 - THE PROMISES OF GOD 03eng.doc 03kiswa.doc
Category: Courses
Swahili Title English Title English files Swahili Word file
Maisha ya Kristo Somo 1-5 Christian Life Course Lessons 1-5 lessons_01-05_english.doc
Maisha ya Kristo Somo 11-15 Christian Life Course Lessons 11-15 lessons_11-15_english.doc Lesson 11 SWA.doc
Maisha ya Kristo Somo 6-10 Christian Life Lessons 6-10 lessons_06-10_english.doc
Namna ya kuitumia kozi hii ya Biblia - Somo la 01 Correspondance Course - Lesson 01 cc01eng_-_how_to_use_this_bible_course.doc somo_la_01.doc
Wakristadelfia ni watu gani? - Somo la 02 Correspondance Course - Lesson 02 cc02eng_-_who_are_the_christadelphians_0.doc somo_la_02_0.doc
Madai ya Biblia - Somo la 03 Correspondance Course - Lesson 03 cc03eng_-_the_bible_our_guide.doc somo_la_03_0.doc
Injili - Somo la 04 Correspondance Course - Lesson 04 cc04eng_-_the_gospel.doc somo_la_04_0_0.doc
Mungu na Uumbaji - Somo la 05 Correspondance Course - Lesson 05 cc05eng_-_god_and_creation_0.doc somo_la_05.doc
Mungu aliupenda ulimwngu - Somo la 06 Correspondance Course - Lesson 06 cc06eng_-_god_so_loved_the_world.doc somo_la_06.doc
Kurudi kwa Bwana Yesu Duniani - Somo la 07 Correspondance Course - Lesson 07 cc07eng_-_the_return_of_the_lord_jesus_to_the_earth.doc somo_la_07_0.doc
Ishara za kurudi kwa Yesu - Somo la 08 Correspondance Course - Lesson 08 cc08eng_-_signs_of_the_coming_of_jesus.doc somo_la_08.doc
Ufalme wako uje - Somo la 09 Correspondance Course - Lesson 09 cc09eng_-_thy_kingdom_come.doc somo_la_09.doc
Mungu anavyoiona Historia - Somo la 10 Correspondance Course - Lesson 10 cc10eng_-_gods_view_of_history.doc somo_la_10.doc
Ufalme wa Mungu – Amani Duniani - Somo la 11 Correspondance Course - Lesson 11 cc11eng_-_peace_on_earth.doc somo_la_11.doc
Ahadi za Mungu kwa Ibrahimu - Soma la 12 Correspondance Course - Lesson 12 cc12eng_-_gods_promises_to_abraham.doc somo_la_12.doc
Wayahudi katika historia (1) Correspondance Course - Lesson 13 cc13eng_-_the_jews_in_history_part_1.doc somo_13.odt