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Swahili Title English Title English files Swahili Word file
326. MAISHA YA AWALI YA YESU CSSA 3-4-326 - JESUS’ EARLY LIFE 326._jesus_early_life.docx 326.docx
337. KULISHA UMATI CSSA 3-4-337 - FEEDING THE MULTITUDE 337._feeding_the_multitude.docx 337._kulisha_umati.docx
348. KARAMU YA MWISHO NA GETHSEMANE CSSA 3-4-348 - THE LAST SUPPER AND GETHSEMANE 348._the_last_supper_and_gethsemane.docx 348._karamu_ya_mwisho_na_gethsemane.docx
327. YESU ANABARIKIWA NA KUJARIBIWA CSSA 3-4-327 - JESUS IS BAPTISED AND TEMPTED 327._jesus_is_baptised_and_tempted.docx 327._yesu_anabarikiwa_na_kujaribiwa.docx
338. UNAJISI NA UNAFIKI CSSA 3-4-338 - DEFILEMENT AND HYPOCRISY 338._defilement_and_hypocrisy.docx 338._unajisi_na_unafiki.docx
349. KESI NA KUSULUBIWA CSSA 3-4-349 - TRIAL AND CRUCIFIXION 349._trial_and_crucifixion.docx 349._kesi_na_kusulubiwa.docx
328. NIKODEMA ANAMJIA YESU USIKU CSSA 3-4-328 - NICODEMUS COMES TO JESUS BY NIGHT 328._nicodemus_comes_to_jesus_by_night.docx 328._nikodema_anamjia_yesu_usiku.docx
339. UPINZANI UNAKUSANYIKA KATIKA KIVULI CHA MSALABA CSSA 3-4-339 - OPPOSITION GATHERS IN THE SHADOW OF THE CROSS 339._opposition_gathers_in_the_shadow_of_the_cross.docx 339._upinzani_unakusanyika_katika_kivuli_cha_msalaba_0.docx
350. HAI KUTOKA KWA WAFU CSSA 3-4-350 - ALIVE FROM THE DEAD 350._alive_from_the_dead.docx 350._hai_kutoka_kwa_wafu.docx
329. KUKUBALIKA KWA NJIA YA AJABU SAMARIA CSSA 3-4-329 - DRAMATICALLY ACCEPTED AT SAMARIA 329._dramatically_accepted_at_samaria.docx 329._kukubalika_kwa_njia_ya_ajabu_samaria.docx